Business Communication Systems, Inc. is an authorized Channel Partner for NEC communication products with over a 100-year history of leadership and innovation in the core high technology sectors of communications, computers and electronic components. These global leaders in VoIP and data communications for business offer the most complete range of communication services solutions, advanced product platforms, applications, and an open migration path to protect your investments. These product offerings are the latest solutions in IP systems that provide affordable next-generation features and offer a multitude of benefits for your organization. The architecture and design of IP Servers deliver high performance, optimal voice quality and reliability. A compact yet powerful communication server that is simple to deploy, administer and maintain. The Communication Servers allow your organization to converge your voice and data network and benefit from the cost-saving advantages, convenience, and ease of use afforded by networked communication servers. VoIP provides seamless internal and external communications and access to advanced data and productivity tools. By integrating diverse hardware components and software applications, BCS delivers control of telephone features and related call information right to the user’s PC, and provides advanced Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) throughout your organization. Reduce costs and improve network efficiency by transparently sharing communication features and resources between branch or remote locations. Share voice mail and other applications for additional cost savings. All communication methods are supported – IP, TDM, video, wired and wireless.

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